About Papanga

The Papanga® brand

When Papanga® was founded back in 2011, it sparked a trend that remains extremely popular to this day. The press regularly report on our innovative hairbands. In 2015, the Badisches Landesmuseum acknowledged Papanga® and its association with spiral hairbands in the exhibition entitled „Phenomena of Modern Times“ that was displayed in Karlsruhe as part of the cultural history collection.

By remaining committed to innovation and continuously developing the range further, Papanga® has firmly established itself in the spiral hairband market in recent years.

Superior spiral hairbands

Spiral hairbands by Papanga® offer countless advantages over normal ones! These innovative little spiral accessories are not only very eye-catching – they also make extremely useful, stylish companions, too.

Our secret weapon for your hair

The secret behind this product is its elastic coils. Instead of crushing your hair together, they gently grip your tresses and help keep them together. Only when the spirals’ diameter and band’s elasticity are perfectly attuned can a spiral hairband really become a secret weapon for your hair though.

Our promise

Perfect hold, fewer tangles, no split ends! This and many other advantages are part of the Papanga® product promise.

“We do all in our power to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied. To meet this challenge, we closely monitor every step in our work and the finish of each individual hairband is carefully reviewed before it is released for sale. We are also committed to offering fair wages and good and safe working conditions for all employees as well as ensuring the sparing use of raw materials at our partners.

The spiral hairband test

Spiral hairbands of the highest quality help to protect your hair.

The perfect spiral hairband is highly elastic and returns to its original shape again after it has been stretched. It is resistant to breakage, colour intensive and odourless. The join is carefully welded and free of defects. The transparent hairbands by Papanga® are crystal-clear. Our coloured hairbands literally glow thanks to the use of top-quality materials!

Complete the spiral hairband test for yourself and compare Papanga® with other brands. Can you feel the difference?

Metal Edition

Papanga® Metal Edition
Straight out of the forge

Shimmering metallic pigments lend the hairbands in this range a magical shimmer that will complement every hairdo and absolutely any outfit. Threaded on a matt black spiral with fine silver embossing, the Metal Edition is just one of the three special editions we currently offer.

The Metal Edition is available in six colours and two sizes.

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Elegance Edition

Papanga® Elegance Edition
Designs for your jewellery box

A seductive shimmering silver stripe encased in a semi-transparent band. The crowning glory of every hairdo. The exquisite look is completed with the corresponding packaging: in matt white with gold print.

The Elegance Edition is available in six colours and one size.

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Classic Edition

Papanga® Classic Edition
Bestsellers and trendsetters

The Classic Edition includes an extremely varied range of colours. Beside the absolute bestsellers such as Black, Diamond and Chocolate, we have also added stunning new options such as vibrant Dragon Pink and cool Shark Blue.

The Classic Edition is available in up to 30 colours and three sizes.

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Flash Edition

Papanga® Flash Edition
A world debut!

Introducing the latest addition to the spiral hairband market – launched by Papanga®. A band integrated into our new Flash Edition design reflects the light, allowing it to shimmer, shine and dazzle in the spotlight. A real eye-catcher!

The Flash Edition is currently available in four colours and one size.

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Papanga® Big

Reliable strength

The hairband with super powers. Tamer of the unruliest of locks. The ultimate hold for your tresses. Ideal for both normal and thick hair, dreadlocks, twists, buns and all of your other favourite styles requiring extra-secure hold. The absolute boss among the hairbands.

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Papanga® Small

The talented all-rounder

The original, the classic, the mother of all spiral hairbands. The all-rounder for all hair types and hairdos that should not be missing from your handbag. These little hairbands offer extremely good hold. Simply select the right colour and it will almost blend into your hair.

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Papanga® Slim

The hidden champion

The insiders’ tip among the spiral hairbands. This chic spiral offers fantastic hold – and looks absolutely great, too. A deluxe hair accessory! Our Slim range of hairbands have tiny coils that combine a discreet look with the many advantages of these new, innovative spirals.

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Papanga® Xtra Slim

The newbie

Our brand new size is not quite ready to be unveiled yet – but when the time does come, you can be sure that the wait will definitely have been worthwhile. While we don’t want to give away too much yet, we can reveal that this new size will also be assisting with all your favourite hairdos in 2018 ...

Please be patient

The Papanga® brand

The Papanga® name has been synonymous with spiral hairbands since 2011. The innovative hairbands make utterly cool accessories to complement your style and add a touch of individuality. Only original Papanga® hairbands are able to offer these advantages, though – thanks to their top-quality finish and the use of very special materials.

Metal free

Hairbands by Papanga® are entirely free of metal and provide gentle yet powerful support for your hair. The seams of our spiral hairbands are welded together, doing away with the need for a metal link. At Papanga®, we check the welded seam on every single hairband to ensure that the join is perfect and there are no rough edges.

Ideal for creative dos

Papanga® spiral hairbands are great for putting your hair up in a bun as well as for creating other stylish updos. The elastic spirals gently draw your hair together and keep it perfectly styled. Twist your hair up into a casual do or bun quickly and easily – no instructions are needed.

The perfect ponytail

The spiral hairbands by Papanga® are absolutely perfect for creating a gorgeous high ponytail and will ensure the perfect hold, too. As the ultimate spiral hairband with super powers, our Big size offers the perfect hold for the thickest of tresses. Guaranteed!

No split ends, no breakage

Avoid split ends with Papanga®. Only spiral hairbands of the highest quality will help prevent split ends and hair breakage! Some types of hairbands can damage the structure of your hair. Thanks to the countless elastic coils in a telephone cable style, Papanga® hairbands “grip” your hair instead of crushing it together. The smooth exterior and meticulous processing mean that your hair is gently drawn together, with no damage to the hair’s structure.

The perfect hairband for fitness and sport

Hairbands by Papanga® keep your hair together without absorbing any dirt or sweat. They never get wet either. The spirals literally “grip” your hair and reliably keep your hairstyle in check during physical activity. The spiral hairbands by Papanga® are ideal for fitness, jogging, swimming – and all other kinds of sports in fact.

Fewer headaches

Hairbands can cause headaches as they must often be done up tightly to keep your hair together. This can pull on your scalp. Not only is this bad for your hair. It can also cause headaches. Spiral hairbands can help prevent this problem – particularly in children, young people and teenagers. The spirals “grip” your hair instead of crushing it together like conventional hairbands do. Helping to keep your hair together while also reducing the strain on your scalp. A word of warning, though: this will only be the case if the quality is up to par!

Curls aplenty

Are you a fan of curly hair? After washing your hair, simply twist it up into a loose bun and use a Papanga® hairband to affix it. The elastic material is absolutely ideal for this. Once your hair has dried, you will be left with tighter or looser curls (depending on your hair type). Why not give it a try?

Papanga anytime, anywhere

The hairbands by Papanga® are perfect for pretty much everyone and absolutely every occasion. Simply select one of the many colours and style your hair to suit the occasion and your outfit. With the hairbands by Papanga®, you can quickly create cool hairstyles simply and easy. Transparent, black or brown – the hairbands by Papanga® are absolutely perfect for every occasion imaginable. They are virtually invisible, allowing you to twist your tresses up into the perfect messy bun or sleek it back in a pretty ponytail.

Papanga® insiders’ tip

On 5 February 2015, we made a public announcement on the Papanga® Facebook page: Papanga® hairbands can last forever! When used on a daily basis, the little coils can become stretched over time, though. How can you get the little coils to return to their original shape? It’s actually really easy: simply place the hairband in a cup of hot water (80°C). Within a matter of seconds, the hairband will return to its original size – as if by magic! Leave it to cool briefly, then it will be ready for action again. Works 100%!